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Hospitals Rely on New Technologies to Strengthen Patient Care

Top 10 Digital Health Consulting/Services Companies in Middle East - 2020

Digital healthcare solutions and services have changed the face of medicine. With millennials taking the center stage and rejecting traditional clinical care methods, organizations are investing heavily to revamp their offerings. To begin with, the proliferation of mobile healthcare via apps is making patient care more feasible and accessible. Mobile healthcare strategies are increasing the patient-doctor engagement levels and significantly contributing to prevention, treatment, and management of diseases. In a similar leg, telemedicine is bolstering the patient-physician relationship by reducing the distance between the two.

Again, IoT devices such as smart wearables are transforming the way people connect with healthcare providers. Not only do these record real-time valuable patient data, but they also alert the physicians of any health-related inconsistencies. Furthermore, most healthcare organizations are incorporating AI to automate their work processes and conduct an accurate diagnosis by eliminating human error.

In the wake of such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers and consulting/services companies to help them navigate the digital health realm. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 digital health solution providers in Middle East - 2020 and top 10 digital health consulting/services companies in Middle East - 2020 to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers and consulting/services companies are transforming the digital health landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the digital health sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Digital Health Consulting/ Services Companies in Middle East - 2020.”

    Top Digital Health Consulting/Services Companies in Middle East

  • Riyadh-based SANAR, a digital healthcare platform company, is leaving no stone unturned to help more Saudis put an end to their longstanding healthcare problems by adopting telemedicine. With SANAR, a patient has the liberty to select a doctor based on gender, language, and affiliation. In case they want to consult a specialist, they can choose the specialty type and select the doctor based on their degree and achievements so far. The platform fully automates patients’ journeys starting from booking an appointment to completing the consultation

  • Arthur D Little

    Arthur D Little

    As the world's first consultancy, Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. The company is one of the leaders in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. Arthur D. Little navigate its clients through changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. The consultants at Arthur D. Little also holds strong practical industry experience combined with excellent knowledge of key trends and dynamics. The company is present in the most important business centers around the world, and proud to serve most of the Fortune 1000 companies, as well as other leading firms and public sector organizations

  • Curis Network

    Curis Network

    Curis Network is a private network of integrated healthcare services seeking to optimise and enhance delivery leading transition and promoting Excellence in Healthcare. Services are delivered by specialised medical and healthcare professionals dedicated in protecting community health

  • DHS


    DHS Arabia is a Saudi based Information Technology provider in the healthcare sector. The company beginning roots back in 2008 when they became a member of National Advanced Systems Company (NASCO) and began working on the e-transformation and effective revenue cycle management for the healthcare providers. Headquartered in Riyadh, DHS has expanded to the bigger cities of the Kingdom, with a branch in Jeddah

  • ERC Group

    ERC Group

    ERC Group Consulting and R&D realizes that sourcing technology is synonymous to the future of institutions and therefore creates solutions as a strong business partner when it comes to information technologies and investments. The company provides the right solution with the fastest and highest quality possible to augment customers’ needs. ERC Group has an unique source of values and competencies–its company culture, know-how, expert team, common consciousness–that allows it to deliver quality service and enables them to carry out successful projects

  • ProximityFocal


    ProximityFocal is a team of World Class physicians, healthcare managers and software developers who work together to find evidence-based solutions in order to place a comprehensive and communicative circle of care around the patients and their loved ones. The company accomplishes that by making quality care accessible to patients



    SehaCloud provides services in Healthcare Management Solutions, Consulting and Training. SehaCloud is based in Riyadh, KSA with more than 17 years of experience in Health Informatics. The company partners with Global Healthcare Providers with a mission to improve the quality of care and the health of the patient

  • TDNet


    TDNet’s mission is to be trusted partners of global corporate, healthcare and research libraries and information centers for serving their users smartly and efficiently by providing services of Discovery and Delivery, Library/Information Center Portals & Authentication and Access Management. Since 2001, TDNet has been revolutionizing how information is distributed and consumed. The company's experience and understanding of user-needs help customers to reduce their administrative workload, simplify information discovery and focus on serving their patrons

  • The Coding Company

    The Coding Company

    The Coding Company Limited is a leading healthcare management services provider with global reach and best practice standards. The company's services include Health Information Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Practice Management including related training and education through its subsidiary The Coding Academy. The Coding Company has its locations present in Europe, Middle East, Australia, and affiliated in USA, India and the Philippines

  • Vocera


    The mission of Vocera is to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients while enabling hospitals to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency. Vocera offers the leading platform for clinical communication and workflow. More than 1,400 hospitals and health systems around the world have selected their solutions to enable care teams to text securely using smartphones or make calls with the company's hands-free, wearable Vocera Badge